Posidonia Partners helps you define your ambition and develop it in a well-argued strategic plan. Your business will thus be supported through the various stages of its growth:

External analysis

  • Market study and its attractiveness
  • Market access
  • Strategic areas of activity
  • Competitors
  • Threats and opportunities
  • Greenhouse gas emissions report

Internal analysis

  • Product details
  • Economic model
  • Competitiveness factors
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • CSR rating and certification
  • Carbon footprint

Development axes analysis

  • Existing markets
  • New markets
  • Existing products
  • New products
  • Alignment with the Paris agreements

Business plan formalisation

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Financing plan
  • Carbon modelling and climate risk

Posidonia Partners is also:


Supporting you in making your financing a reality:
  • Identification of sources of financing
  • Company valuation
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Writing of documentation


Supporting you through management tools consistent with your structure:

  • Implementation of models and projects
  • Implementation of suitable tools
  • Regular performance monitoring
  • Communication with partners


Posidonia Partners is a consulting firm specialised in strategy and financing of committed micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with a positive impact, that put the preservation of the planet and biodiversity at the heart of their projects.

The firm’s purpose is to assist companies that contribute to improving our environment like Posidonia.